Three Tips for Selecting One Of A Kind Jewelry

It is always very exciting to discover one of a kind jewelry! When you first lay eyes on those bits of wire and beads, your heart skips a beat and that lovely piece of glowing, sparkling jewelry sends a smile spreading across your face. These wonderful pieces of art have been painstakingly created by artisans who are very serious about their craft. There are several things you need to remember if you decide to search for some of these wonderful creations.

One: Find out everything you can about the artist. What kind of knowledge and training do they have? Some very good jewelry artists are self-trained, but those who have art/design and or jewelry making training may be creating the very best pieces, simply because they have been trained by others who are specialists in their field, and they have learned the best techniques for making quality pieces.

Two: Think about where you are buying your jewelry treasure. Craft fairs, galleries and specialty boutiques are probably the best places to find one of a kind jewelry. Jewelry artisans know they will have huge audiences at craft fairs. Boutiques and galleries love to offer unique one of a kind jewelry to their clients. Having those types of pieces available helps boost their credibility. Large mass retailers and flea markets might not be the best places to find quality one of a kind jewelry. You can never be sure of what you are getting at a flea market or where it came from, and mass retailers tend to concentrate on mass produced items which are cheaper for them to buy in the first place.

Three: Always know what you are buying in terms of materials used. With the hundreds-maybe thousands of different types of beads, stringing materials, etc. available to artisans, it is very important to ask the artist or shopkeeper what the piece is made with. You definitely don’t want to go home with a pretty bracelet that looks great now, but in a few months the sparkly beads you thought were quality crystals have become nicked and dull because they are really cheap glass! Definitely ask what kind of metal the piece contains. Is it 14k gold, or brass? Is it sterling silver or silver colored base metal? Always remember, even one of a kind jewelry pieces can be made with low quality components.

Before you dive in and buy that gorgeous piece of one of a kind jewelry, just make sure you do your research. Make sure you are getting quality jewelry by following the guidelines above, and you will be rewarded with a wonderful collection of beautiful, wearable pieces of art that you can show off every day!