Handcrafted Ethnic Jewelry Artisans in Fair Trade

It’s important to note, all fair trade is not limited to handcrafted jewelry. Native craftspeople around the world make everything from fair trade fashion accessories to dining utensils to blankets and clothing. Ethnic handcrafted jewelry, however, has to be one of the largest, if not the largest category.

If you want to find good quality fair trade jewelry and accessories a good place to look is either at a local ethnic jewelry handcrafted marketplace (if there is one in your city) or, alternatively, you can go online. When shopping for ethnic fair trade handcrafted jewelry online, it’s best to go to the actual site that the community has set up, if they have one. This way you can make sure you get exactly what you want and you know exactly where the money is going. Often, the artisans have an authorized distributor to provide product fulfillment services in the country that is being supplied.

Purchasing ethnic accessories is a great way to define your style while supporting a handcraft production community is a way to know an ethnic community that arrive to work with ethnic jewelry handmade by traditional artisans.. You get the ethnic jewelry or accessories you want while the community gets an income that provides the people with opportunity, stimulation and growth. Visit a local fair trade market, or go online to purchase your products for authentic ethnic jewelry and be on the look-out that you go with an authentic social project as well. What is important here is that a genuine artisan community is involved in the process.

Support Fair Trade Jewelry Artisans – Karen Tribe – During Fair Trade Month

Many people know that October is breast cancer awareness month however fewer are aware that October is also Fair Trade month. One can support fair trade month by purchasing goods which are designated fair trade products and/or produced by fair trade organizations.

Another way to support fair trade is to become aware by reading about fair trade and fair trade producers. One such group of fair trade producers are the Karen Tribe. The Karen Tribe while originally from Burma and Tibet today members of the tribe also live in northern Thailand in Lamphun Province.

Drawing on their ethnic tribal background for their traditional skills and artistry in working with silver, the Karen tribe create beautiful pieces of fair trade artisan jewelry. The pieces they produce are mainly pieces of handmade silver jewelry.

Karen women adorn themselves with handmade silver jewelry for occasions such as New Year’s festivities. It is at these occasions when they know that young men for neighboring villages will be visiting. The handmade silver jewelry that they wear is an indication of wealth.

In some villages the young men craft artifacts from silver to be worn by their future brides on their wedding day. The majority of men are no longer actively practicing silver smithing. Women however have begun producing handmade silver jewelry as a means of earning an income to support their families.

The Karen silver jewelry designs have an elegant sophistication, yet at the same time, a level of simplicity about them. The ethnic motifs and matte finish of their traditional handmade silver jewelry reflects their connection to nature. Their contemporary designs mix tradition with modern elements and are of the highest quality craftsmanship with intricate details and finishing. Karen jewelry designs are a good choice for achieving current fashion trend looks.

Consider supporting fair trade jewelry artisans when you purchase products especially during fair trade month.