Add A Dash of India to Your Jewelry Chest

India, one of the oldest civilizations, and its inherent multi-cultural society, Indian art and crafts have charmed many with their colorful traditions and versatility. India today is pulsating with the new vigor of economic and technological growth, yet the taste of traditions has survived unscathed. This is quite evident in the designing and manufacturing of gemstones jewelry in India.

The jewelry making crafts have a history of no less than 5000 years in India, when the man learnt to chisel flint stones into weapons for hunting, he also developed skills to fashion items of body d├ęcor. You can see highly ornamental jewelry articles excavated from the 5000 years old human settlement from the places called Mohan-jodaro and Harappa ( now known as Indus valley civilization) in the national museum of New Delhi. You cannot help marveling at the level of skills of the craftsmen of such an ancient age.

For some unknown reasons, the Indus valley civilization became extinct around 35oo years ago and a new civilization appeared , and it is populary known as the vedic age. It is during the vedic age that oldest Indian scriptures “Vedas” are supposed to have originated. It is the “vedic” Indians who perfected “yoga” system of mind and body training. This was the golden age of intellectual, political and economic development of the Indian sub-continent.

Subsequently, many tribes and peoples from beyond Hindukush ( now Afghanistan) invaded India for its fabled wealth. Some went back with spoils of wars, but many remained and slowly became indigenized. This cultural miscegenation brought multiple cultural and artistic influences from Greece ( Alexander’s Greece), central Asia, Mongolia and Persia. You can see still the influences of Indian history in the traditional crafts of India even today. The traditional jewelry artisans have imbibed many diverse influences in their designs and craftsmanship and as a result Indian handcrafted jewelry has found admirers from across the world.

Selling Artisan Jewelry Online During the Holidays

Most jewelry artisans do the majority of their business online during the Christmas season. Busy shoppers are finding the convenience of online shopping to be a valuable tool to help them meet the Christmas deadlines. A well-designed, current and secure site can provide a good shopping experience and go a long way to alleviating the stress of holiday shopping for your customer.

The shoppers who buy artisan jewelry online also find that frequently even the cost of shipping is offset by no sales tax and the savings on gasoline for the shopping trip. These shoppers also benefit from a much wider choice of styles and materials in their jewelry. Its up to you to remind your site visitors of these savings in both time and money and an increased number of choices while they are on your site.

Remember that many people start their Christmas shopping by early October. In recent years, the Monday after Thanksgiving has been the biggest day for shopping online during the year. This means that your site should be up-to-date, well stocked, recently tested and secure for what you hope will be an onslaught of visitors. Your site marketing should also reflect a quality and service.

Other benefits your website can provide for online shoppers are:

Payment options – Online shops usually accept credit cards and PayPal along with other methods of payment such as eChecks, checks or money orders

Gift Wrapping – When sell artisan jewelry online, your offer of free gift wrapping with a card can encourage a buyer who may be undecided to make the purchase.

Drop Shipping – If you offer to drop ship the gift wrapped piece of artisan jewelry directly to the recipient, you can save your online customer both time and money.

Gift Certificates and Coupons – Providing coupons, gift certificates or gift cards for a certain value to be used on your website allows your holiday shopper to give a gift they know is just right for the recipient. Be sure that all gift certificates and coupons provide your website address, an amount or percentage off of a purchase and have a redemption date.

Gift cards and gift certificates should be for a specific amount and the redemption date should be six months to a year after purchase. They should have an identification number so they can be used on your website.

An electronic gift certificate can be purchased online and sent to the recipient on a specific date. These gift certificates should be numbered and written for a certain amount and have a certain redemption date. This date should be at least six months away.

Coupons can be used in a variety of ways during the holidays. One good way is to use them in your marketing by giving several to a realtor, insurance agent, hairdresser or anyone who may want to give a small thank you gift to a client. These coupons should be in the form of a certain percentage off and the must be redeemed by a certain date.

Another way coupons could be used is to sell them as inclusions in Holiday cards. You could sell them at a reduced price, a certain discount per dollar. This would allow your site visitor to give a $5 coupon for only $1.50. These coupons would also need a redemption date.

Holiday shoppers will make use of your good service and time and money saving offerings if you make your site a gift resource. Here are a few possibilities.

Give accurate descriptions, photographs and measurements on your website.
Provide a variety of price points so site visitors can buy for a wide variety of people
An online gift guide can be used to help your site visitor with some unique ideas. You might even provide a questionnaire to gain some information about the recipient and send a personalized list of suggestions.
Create a way for your site visitor to save orders to be pulled up later for further shopping
Provide a birthstone or anniversary stone guide.
Provide a wedding registry
Host a “Special Day” reminder service.
Create a reference page of stone meanings and properties.
Have a jewelry care guide.
Provide multiple payment methods.
Have a lay-away service.

If you market your site throughout the year, provide an up-to-date and easily used secure website, offer a variety of gift-related services and create a way of constant communication between yourself and your customers, your website can become their most preferred way of shopping for artisan jewelry.